How To Tell If Your Dog Misses You: 5 Signs

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How To Tell If Your Dog Misses You: 5 Signs

We all have those moments in life when we wonder whether our best fur friend misses us as much as we miss them. As with any living creature, animals have different personalities and needs, much like those of humans. They feel pain, anger, loneliness, excitement, and can even fall in love. However, some animals are more ‘needy’ than others. If you find yourself questioning your dog’s feelings towards you, wondering whether Fido longs for your company when you’re not around, you may want to keep the following factors in mind:


  1. Your shoe goes missing.

Do you find yourself looking for the other shoe or a piece of random clothing that you left on the floor? Some dogs may take it to a whole new level and destroy your valuables, but some choose to sleep with them instead. Those items contain your scent which makes it feel like you’re around even when you’re not. Instead of scolding your dog for ‘stealing’, take a photo instead and send it to us!


  1. They wait for you by the window/door.

Crying when you leave may be a sign of separation anxiety, but waiting patiently by the door or the window for you to return simply means that their pack leader has left the building and they don’t want to do anything else but wait for the leader to return. Dogs function in packs, knowing exactly where they fit in. Thus, as the pack leader, you give them the confidence to function successfully on a daily basis. Next time, greet them with just as much enthusiasm when you walk through the door.


  1. Kisses are in abundance.

Let’s face it, dog kisses can be quite sloppy, but their saliva contain chemicals that are antibacterial. If that isn’t convincing, just take it as your dog missing you and showing you a little bit of extra love at the end of the day. Who knows, maybe you need it a little bit more on some days than others.


  1. They follow you around.

Their world evolves around you. If you find yourself being surrounded by your dog every moment of every day, when you’re at home, it most likely means that your dog missed you. Some dogs will even follow you into the bathroom. Just let it be. They’re trying to squeeze in as much time with you as possible before you have to leave again, even if that means watching you do your thing in your most private moments.


  1. Accidents can happen.

It may not happen often, but just like children, animals can act out as well. Either by getting into the garbage or using your living room as their personal bathroom. However, there are instances where your dog needs to visit the vet due to an underlying condition. Regardless, don’t hit your dog. Use positive reinforcement when he does something good and give your dog a timeout (similar to what you would do with a child) when s/he went in the house. Even better, if you catch him/her in the act, clap your hands as an indication that it’s the wrong thing to do and take him/her outside immediately to a grassy area.


Perhaps adding another furry member to the family may help with your dog’s loneliness when you’re away or introducing stimulation toys to occupy their mind will take the attention off the fact that you have to leave the house in order to go to work.

Remember, they may not be your whole life and you may have plenty of other things to keep you occupied during the day, but to them, you’re their whole life. Spend as much time with your best friend as you possibly can, because before you know it, you won’t have any time left. Make the most of the little moments and never forget to take their feelings into consideration.


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